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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

How He Makes Millions On YouTube

This Guy Makes Millions Playing Video Games on YouTube
Hello I just came in from my morning jog and I remember reading a article on a guy making a living playing video games. So I called my kids in the room pulled up the article and read it to them. We talked about why a professional sports player on Sunday can get Nike to pay them a lot of money to wear gym shoes. Why because they have influence and millions of eyes watching them. I was reading Tony Robbins and he made a point to say people when they buy the product my feel better about themselves when they associate themselves with the product.
So Why did Swedish video-game playing star, Felix Kjellberg get millions to play video games on Youtube? One reason is he has 23 million people subscribe to his YouTube channel. I read a book and he said people that went looking for a drill did not go looking for a drill they went looking for something to make a hole, and the drill was the solution. If I was a kid, and I have three children. I can see Felix marketing, he entertains and the problem he fixes or hole he drills (parable) is he reviews the games, kids are thinking "should we buy the game is it fun?' He may even show you how to finish a board you were trying to complete.
How can you use this, if you are in a business or working a MLM business or home business? Well I have a YouTube video I teach people how to market their business. Click here to see I know you don't want everyone watching you, this is called fear, tell yourself you are helping someone that was once were you are. This helps you brand your self. If you need step by step marketing I can help you with a product that will help you and then you can help others. My website is .
The top five Let’s Players collectively have more YouTube subscribers than Peru has people. I know lots of people need jobs, the hole what drill will you give them? What business will solve a person problem, what mentor will come to that person rescue? If you have a product or a service you have to get the word out and one of the ways Is Youtube marketing. I have help people on my team grow and help others and this will work for you. To read more about how Felix Kjellberg made his millions playing video games click the read more button. 
Raymond Richard

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