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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Father's Dad

Today I just wanted to take the time to say happy father's day to all those that are bless to have children. My children are a great joy to me. When I was having my older son my dad told me this would be the most happiest time of my life and not to miss it. Now that I am older I wish I could tell my dad he was right. My father has passed forward in life, and today I don't have the chance to let him no how his wisdom has got me to were I am now. I continue to try and get closer to God, relationship with my children and my wife because of Carlos Richard.

     I wanted to share with you a video that touch me and I hope it continue to inspire dad's to take a active part in your child life, his or her development, because we all want a strong father, a loving father, and forgiving father. The video is down below share it with as many people that you care about or want to inspire or say thanks.

I currently have friends that are fathers, and one of them lost his job and he feels down but not out. It does not make you less of a father if you are not working. Take that feeling and use it to move you forward. I would also like to show you how you can share FREE videos that can help a father start making Money. Click here.

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