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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

3 Step Money System

3 Steps To Making Money Today!!!
How would you like to make money fast, start you a business that you can run from your home or internet today? If you answered yes then follow the 3 steps that I will show you today and after you learn each step take action.
My name is Raymond Richard and I am writing this to help my family and friends that are looking to make extra money. I don't have time to spend with all them so I thought I make a blog post were I could email them and they could read it at their own time. Some of you know me but for those that have found me by others source of advertisement I will share alittle about myself. I am married and I have three Children, older son Devin heading to college (Xavier University-freshman 2014) proud dad. Brianna (Highschool- Junior) We travel to Jr. Olympics Track and field. Raymond (4th- Grade) Tech Guru, growing loves to eat. My wife and I live in Cincinnati, Ohio now, we have lived in Atlanta, GA, RochesterHills, MI, Orlando Fla. We are both in the automotive industry, we both attended highschool in Cincinnati, Ohio. My wife went to college in Atlanta, and I went to college in Ohio.
If you are like me and most young families you are going to need extra money for any of the many things that come up. I have found a few ways and I would like to share three ways with you that I use and anyone in any business can use them. Before I share them with you, you'll have to be open to new ideas and try something new step out your comfort zone for some of you. As I live in these cities God has bless me to meet wonderful people, and many times I was introduced to people that had wonderful business and wanted me to get involved. I did not take action and I see now that they are in another area of their lifes and not concerned about the things that concerns me. I tell you that story because I don't want you to not take action today and miss out on a great way to help your family make extra money by doing these few steps. I have a good friend in Orlando, Fla. who was buying real estate he and his wife was fixing them up and selling them, they are on to hotels now. We still talk on the phone, he help me buy my house from my brother were I made 20k in the deal, put in my pocket then I purchase a rental property that I own to these day. Thanks God for putting Jay and Shawntay in my life. I tell you that because I may be in your life so you can now benefit from the things I have learn how to make extra money maybe just to pay your car note or rent.
Step 1. - Educational product. I started reading this book and it put all the puzzles in place. I feel I can take any product and promote it and make money with his ideas that he teach. I like the book because you can learn at your own pace. You can turn around and sell it to your team or your upline, downline and make money. I read a great book by Steven Covey and he said to get more you must learn more and do more to be worth more. He said to Learn, Do, Teach. The things I learn I started a network group and I get to meet new leaders all the time. People now come to me.
To tell you the truth, building a home business and using the old methods can be costly and time consuming to say the least. I have attended a few home meeting, but with my kids events and spending time with my wife this is not the best way for me to grow fast.
But what If I could tell you that there is a way for you to actually build your home business faster, get your opportunity in front of more people, and all without spending a ton of money. 
Well I'm here to tell you that the days of old school MLM tactics are dead. You can now learn to be the hunted instead of the hunter and have prospects chasing you down like you were fishing for them with one hundred dollar bills. Click Here to see how you can learn today, take action on what you learn, then resale it to make a profit.
Step 2. - Blog what is a blog? diary on Web site: a frequently updated personal journal chronicling links at a Web site, intended for public viewing. If you can do (duplicate) what I am doing now you can blog. You may feel like you are not a good speller you have nothing to say, but if you talk on a cell phone you can communicate on a blog. Tell people what you are learning. Tell people about your kids events, vacation you have been on. Then share on Linkin, Facebook, Google Plus, any social media, to get more traffic.
I choose to use Blogger to blog because its FREE and Google own it. When you blog a post on blogger at the bottom of the blog is a social media button that you can use to blast out to tons of people. Blogger also gets picked up in Google search engines.
Empower Network is my number 1 blog source. Empower Network and its Viral Blogging System
is the lucrative solution to a complicated online marketing world. Over 155,000 people agree. Empower Network hosts one of the largest blogging communities and publishing platforms online in addition to providing educational training products and services to online marketers and start-up, home-based and small businesses. Take action Click here now to see how I use this blogging system.
Step 3 - Advertise, Tell others. I'm doing it at APSense! It is a web 2.0 business social network
that pays you while they are promoting and growing your business.
But guess what? They paid me and I never spent a dime!

Here is how it worked for me, in 5 Easy Steps:
STEP 1 - I registered and setup my personal and business profile.
You can register here: Click here
STEP 2 - Then I explored and joined a few APSense interest groups,
they have so many.
SETP 3 - Then I started writing some useful blogs and group
discussions content pages.
SETP 4 - In these pages APSense provide a special Ad Space where
I posted advertisements for my current business.
SETP 5 - That was it! While I advertised my business, APSense
was also paying me when people viewed my content pages.

But that's not all, they also paid me when the friends that
I invited into my network do the same thing that I'm doing.
Of course this is one of the reasons why I'm inviting you
to join my network at APSense.
So please check out APSense at the following invitation link:
This is my 3 Steps to making money it works for me I have videos on youtube that works for me 24 hours 7days a week when I am not at a home meeting my videos are working or my blog is working my articles are working. Use these methods make you some money and then go out and teach other people to do the same it works.
Raymond Richard
Work with me and my team
513-720-2344 My cell please don't send
any advertisements this is my real number.

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