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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Grow Your Business

Grow Your Business
When we surround ourselves around people that want to grow and want to see you grow its an amazing thing that happens. We started a small group of people with home business and we talk about things that are helping our business grow. We have people in our group that is in 5links, World Venture, Mary Kay, Ipay, Empower Network, Global Domain International just to name a few. The cool thing is we talk about real marketing that gets results. One of the books we discuss is "Building on a Budget" by Mike Dillard. Click here to see how this book has help grow my business. One of the ways to market your business is by YouTube and just think about it this way when does YouTube turn off? Never!! 24/7 days a week you can be marketing your business. Click here  to see my example of how I promote Magnetic Sponsoring products. The reason I like Magnetic Sponsoring is it give you were to market you products and service and how to set up a good advertisement. The education was just what I needed to grow my business. Once I understood the action that needed to be taken I started to see results.
     If you want to grow your business you have to grow yourself, you have to learn new things and share them with your team. I was at a 5Links presentation and a top producer said to buy ads in a local newpaper and put an ad in the paper like " Work From Home Part-Time Making Full-Time Income". I am not a 5Links representative but I took action and I have a local paper, I now have people calling me. So many people want help you have to be able to help them. Why should a person join a business under you? Do you inspire them, can you teach them marketing ideas that work? I reading a book by Grant Cardone called the "Closers" he said when we don't close a deal take the c off close and then we lose. I did not join a business to lose. Watch this video this is my business I use to grow any business and I use the same things I learned in Magnetic sponsoring to grow.
     I would like to share with you a great book by Eric Butterworth and in ch7 he says why not pick out the most difficult things facing you right now, and say: I know that this is the best thing that could happen to me, for I know that in the happening there is revealed a new lesson to learn and some new growth to experience. I know that within me is an unborn possibility of limitless potentialities, and this is my opportunity to begin to give birth to new ideas, new strength, and new vision. I accept the reality of the difficulty but not its permanence. I am not at the end of anything. I am simply between opportunities, between jobs. I know that in the movement of "it has come to pass," something wonderful is on its way to me far surpassing anything I have ever known before.
Raymond Richard

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