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Thursday, March 1, 2012

My Gift To You

As I learn to make money online or off I have learned that what I do or don't is totally up to me. Today I was on a webinar with Stephen Pierce he wrote "Make Real Money On the Internet" he talked about who you are is what you feel and value determine our Identity. How you organize data for meaning is your thinking. What conclusion determine your jugments. Then what you do is your Actions. What you Achieve is your Results!
I would like to share this with you because he will challege you to look at how you see yourself which controls the other actions that effect our outcomes in life. Example some days I don't want to do my business or even work out, but how can we reap if we have not sowed? We must focus on the outcome not the work we have to put in! Stephen helps you make a mind shift.\
Take a look at this webinar its Fee my gift to you as I learn I pass on to you.

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