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Monday, March 26, 2012

Never Give UP

I like to read books and articles because I believe clues for success are left for those that search for them. Today I am reading Joyce Meyer book “I dare you” in this book she talks about having the mental toughness to make it through our pass and overcoming setbacks.

I like when she says we all experience disappointment in life and endure many things that try to convey the message we are not going to make it or we won’t get what we had hoped for. We cannot always control all of our circumstances, but we can control the attitudes of our hearts. A person who refuses to give up will be successful! His circumstances may have him “sitting down” for a while, but if he keeps standing up on the inside, he or she will outlast their circumstances and eventually see their dreams come true. Our attitude must be: I will never give up!!!!

When I read this I was thinking how can I apply this to my life? Well I have been doing internet marketing now for almost two years. I started with Global Domain International and I also market Better Web Builders. I got a lot of people started with Global Domain International but then they started falling off my down line, this lead to me feeling bad and wanting to quit. I started to learn from books that I was reading how to focus on the goal not what I had to go through. I was getting motivated to keep marketing my business then I found better Web Builders, I felt I did not have to work as hard but I still needed to be consistent.

I now know that whatever we do we must do it everyday, or know that there is no power like the power of now!! Example for me is, everyday I need to write something motivational on Facebook or different forum send them my lynk to my blog which talks about my internet business, or do some form of marketing to get people to my business sites. I like to read about different forms of internet marketing, example is forum marketing; blog marketing, article marketing etc. then I go out and try them.

I now know that there are a lot of people in the world that need help and it’s up to me to introduce them to ways of making money. Nothing comes easy but it will grow if we plant the seed and help it grow. Planting seeds for me is marketing everyday and I am now seeing the fruits of my work.

Raymond Richard

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