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Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Fear of Failure or Success

Today is a new day for me, why? I know the power of choice. Today I decided to start my day with a work out. Okay I did not jog around the block or through the woods. No I just ran up and down the steps then did push ups to get the heart pumping.

This is a Success for me. We all have a need to avoid pain and to gain pleasure. When we procrastinate we feel it will be more painful to take action. I did not want to jog so I made all types of excuses in my head but when I made it a must to be healthy I look at the stairs as a way to start some where.

We need a drive to create a change. We need to focus Pattern of success and failure when something a must we follow through. I feel for me my drive to be better to give more of myself push me to work out today. I feel if I can have more energy, I can give that energy to my wife and kids. I can be more productive at work. When I give someone one of my business cards or speak with on the phone he or she can feel the positive energy I give.

We all have an internal association of pain (Failure) or Pleasure (Success) so today the small steps for me is toward pleasure. I will continue to build on this movement this then will create a pattern. So what can you do? According to Anthony Robbins’ there are five things to do.

1. Get disturb- Things you what stand for

2. Know what you are after- move toward it.

3. Massive Action Plan

4. Change your belief- belief controls our actions

5. Challenges the old belief all turn around are turnarounds in beliefs.

Take control and get totally certain be clear find a mentor read his or her blogs but all the information in the world won’t help if you don’t take action! The mentors that get leads do this everyday, that is discipline! I have found a program that helps you get leads with great training , it teaches marketing technique to keep your business in front of people that is looking for a business. See how it works and get started for FREE here:

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