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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Tracy Walker Monday Night Call

Monday Night Empower Call

Every Monday Empower Network give a FREE call and helps people in the home business with motivation and marketing techniques to grow your business. Tracy Walker was the speaker Monday and she spoke on some things that are in any home business weather its Amway, World Venture, 5 Links, Youngevity, Primamerica, etc… procrastination!!! We all want a sure thing in life but the only thing that sure is death and lets not weight for that, lets live life to the fulless, and with Empower Network and the leaders like Tracy Walker we are hear to help you achieve your dreams.

What is Empower Network? It’s a blogging system and educational resource to help empower you in your home business journey. Tracy Walker has built many home business and shares her journey in hopes to help her team grow faster and get the things in life they are after. Tracy says leaders act despite of fear. Many times fear holds us back in our home business or even in our day to day work. People don’t want to start a business because they fill they may fell, and lost the money they have. What is fear F- False. E - Evidence. A - Appearing. R - Real.

Tracy Walker has a video on Youtude getting a Maserati and have a Facebook page were she teaches her marketing techniques. When you join Empower Network you not only get her you get a team of people that are in the Million dollar team, that show you step by step way to get started. She talked about being clear and she said “ Every great leap forward is procided by a clear decision.

I have been with Empower Network and have been teaching a small group of home business owners to grow their business with blogging and I can see the fear in the older members,  of learning something new or just getting on Facebook, but the time’s has changed and I am here to help anyone looking for change. My name is Raymond and this is my blog and I wanted to share with you what Tracy Walker spoke about hoping it help you face your fears.   

Tracy Walker said stop standing in the same position hoping to get results. Tap into the resources that Empower Network has, FREE Monday night calls, Blogging system that gets top ranking, video training,  When you click the button on the side of  this blog watch the video and get started with me and I will be your mentor to help get you started, but you will have to take the action. Click to join our team

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