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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

2015 Kia K900

Challenge the luxury you know.
   The K900 is Kia Luxury sedan, the Audi A8 and the BMW 750i is one of the competitors cars. Today we just received this extremely nice looking car at our dealership. Did you know that our top designer at Kia came from Audi and this is why Kia has a great design that so many people admire?
   If  you are in the market for a Luxury car why not get all the information on the Kia K900 and then come in and take the K900 for a test drive? Do you want a V8 or a V6? The K900 is for people that want power with 420 horsepower in a Luxury sedan.
 The Kia Design Team blended  features that gives the K900 its athletic bearing and confident stance.
It's the luxury car certified to deliver a quieter cabin and a smoother, better overall ride than the Audi A8 4.0T, BMW 750i and Lexus LS 460. Featuring a foam-padded cabin for exceptional insulation, a high-strength steel structure, and a fully independent front and rear suspension( the K900).
   My name is Raymond Richard and I can get you all the information on the K900. I can send you a personal video of the K900 at our dealership. It will be a pleasure to get you all the information so you can make a informed decision. You can get a lot of the features, Trim and colors at,com.
Raymond Richard
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