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Friday, September 13, 2013

Greatest Secrets To Success
By Og Mandino

Today I want to introduce you to someone that has helped me in my career as a professional sales person. I started to use many of the principal that I learned in his book "The Greatest Saleman In The World". If you are in sales or building a business from home this is a great book to have. There are many time in business when a person may feel like things are not going right, in his book he give real life example's on how to focus and were we should put our focus.

Og Mandino was poor man that was going to take his life, ready to give up and did not want to face the man in the mirror. He lost his wife and his daughter and was ready to throw his life away. He say's he was dead inside. He did not buy the gun to take his life but want he did is leave us a book that we can use to guide our life.

This book is a great book for those that are looking for strength, who are looking for a life reserve from alcohol, Sex, Drugs. I learned that the human body whats to run to things that make them feel good. Some people feel alcohol, sex, drugs make them feel good. Once you have those things you wake up to the same problems.

Og Mandino started to read some of the great book to start to change his life. He was in the library and begin to build his mind on self development books.

I started to work from home and was not getting the results until I started reading great books like this one. If you are not getting the result in life take a look at this video and put them in action. I would love to help those that are looking to grow their business.

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