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Thursday, September 26, 2013

5 Marketing Techniques That Can Grow Your Business.

5 Marketing Techniques That Can Grow Your Business.

Today we has a great meeting here in Cincinnati, Ohio a small group of business people got together to discuss marketing skills that they are using to grow their business. Andrea Wilkins discussed how she keeps track of her miles and organize her receipts so when tax time rolls around you don’t pull from a shoe box!

One of the Techniques we discussed was Google Plus if you are not set up on Google Plus its FREE and you can get tons of traffic to your site when you learn how to market. I love meeting new business people. We plan to start our own group circle on Google plus and start to give webinars as we get more people and with Google plus you don’t have to leave in the same states or country to connect. The other four are: 2. Betternetworker 3. Apsense 4. Adlanpro 5. Linkin. These are 5 great ways I currently use to get traffic now when you come to a meeting we will show you how to get targeted traffic to you site.

We meet at various locations but today we choose to meet at Crossroads Church because of the warm surroundings and we both attend the church but it’s open to the public. We welcome anyone that would like to meet and introduce their business and network and learn new marketing skills. We don’t meet at the same location so if your interested you can Raymond or Andrea.

Andrea Wilkins is with Mary Kay and has been growing her business and enjoys meeting with people showing them how to make extra money from home and networking with small business people helping them learn new marketing skills. Raymond is with
Empower Network and help new people in the business get traffic to their business opportunities or just get money in their pocket fast.

If you would like to learn more about Mary Kay, Empower Network or starting a business from home contact us and we will love to work with you. Come out introduce your business meet people like you that want to build wealth for themselves and their love ones.  Or
If you are new to home business are would like to get more traffic try “Building On A Budget”

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