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Monday, June 3, 2013



1. The basis or groundwork of anything: the moral foundation of both society and religion.
2. The natural or prepared ground or base on which some structure rests.

What is your foundation? When things don’t go your way or the day doesn’t go as you planned how do you stay focused? For me God is the head of my life and I must start my day in prayer, just take a time for myself and be grateful for waking me up.

I read in a book by Anthony Robbins that in every journey you begin with one step. Everyone is going through something, but it’s at the moment when you decide (cut off) any thing in your mind that limits you from achieving your goals or plans. You tell yourself I will work toward my plans, I will start again. I will just start.

I was inspired to blog today when a close friend shared what he was going through in relocating to Atlanta, Ga and how in his past life he had all the toys and nice home and now he is in a place were God is working in his like. I told him he should blog about his experience his blog is he wrote a great post you should take a look at I think you will be inspired to take action once you know your true power.

Now that you have your foundation and you know you are here to accomplish something and you get knocked to the ground like loose your job lose your business, lose your relationship, what do you do? Fall back on your foundation, Get up! Stand! (Kirk Franklin)  “Whatever we focus on, we tend to attract. Focusing on unimportant things is a recipe for stress, but focusing on things that matter is the secret to an extraordinary quality of life.” - Anthony Robbins

On 04/14/2013 I lost my job, how do I remember? It was my daughter birthday, I was a company man I was sailing more cars and lived at the dealership, I missed more kid’s events but I was ok because I was making money. Now I was out a job and looked back at all the time I missed with them. I had to fall back on my foundation, and focus on something else because God had plans for me. I will one day blog more in details about my experience on my job and how change in management can affect ones career. I was talking to my friend about blogging and sure enough his blog was inspiring to me to focus on God ever lasting love.

If you are going through something major in your life I suggest you read Larry (Lawrence) blog is  I don’t know what your faith is but reading proverbs is a good thing for me, my foundation. Get Anthony Robbins “Get the Edge” I have them on CD I listen to them in my car. “To achieve happiness we should make certain that we are never without an important goal.’ - Earl Nightengale
I read in Lawrence blog his goals was to have time for his spiritual life he did not mind working we all have to do some type of work,  but his goal was to be in Gods will and a position to let God use him. I say what are your goals? Don’t have any make some! Start small then grow bigger. My goal is to workout and spend more time with my family and be a great source of income for my family. I will start small with taking the family to the park, later out the country!

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