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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Find Your Purpose

A 12 Step map to living your purpose.

Stephen R. Covey says you should learn something then teach it, in his book “7 Habits Of Highly Effective People”.

I am learning how to find my purpose and in this search I want to share what I have learned in reading a article by Paula Boon. In her article she talked about how every January we tend to make new year resolutions and get a wave of ambition and desire to lost weight or make money or find that dream job. But its hard to do when all those plans and schemes are swirling in our heads. With internet marketing or MLM we can get side track if we don’t start making money fast, we tend to quite. Here’s a 12 step road map to get exactly where you want to go this year.

1. Determine your path commit to action begin

• State a note book - I take notes of my mentors then I share with my team things I learn.

• Promise yourself that you will focus on your passion this year

• Think about motivation and plant the seeds for success go to youtube watch a few video’s

• Identify your strengrths by taking a quiz created by author and coach Richard Step.

• Take a short but powerful guide to finding your passion quiz by Leo Babaura of Zen Habits.

2. Think about motivation and plant the seeds for success

• Watch the 10- minute Philospohers Note video to learn about self-actualization and the choice we have between stepping forward into growth or backward into safety.

• Take a quiz to determine your motivational style. or

• Use to send an email to your two-month-in-thefuture self describing your thoughts,feelings and hopes right now.

3. Get organizes, improve your planning
• Read about Scott Dinsmore approach to time management.

• Consider prioritizing and planning using Tony Robbins approach, explained here http//

• Try out psychologist Hedi Grant Halverston suggestions for tweaking your plans to roreach your goals.

4. Identify and deal with what’s holding you back

• List all the practical obstacles you can think of and hold an idea party as described by Barbara sher. http://bitly/Rdmp-Obstacles

• Take a look at your emotional baggage. Unresolved “stuff” can get in the way of pursuing our passions.

5. Check in with yourself, make adjustments, move forward

• Read your email to yourself and look back through your notes for patterns, problems and ideas.

• Take at least three steps toward a life that reflects your passion. If you need some ideas: http//

• Find a group where you can get practical support, ideas and inspiration. See Benny Lewis advise at

6. Make more time, boost your inspiration

• Create more space in your life by finding something you can stop doing.

• Feed your passion by making weekly play dates with yourself. Some ideas that may speak to you:

7. Check in, Look ahead

• In a few months reflect on the journey so far. How is it going

• If all is well, carry on with more small steps toward your goal. If you’ve fallen off the wagon, check out Leo Babauta’s advice for getting motivated again: http//bit.lyRdmp-motivate or considet the radical step of living without goals:

8. Set Process goals

a. Set process goals for the rest of the year.

b. Aim to perform specific actions, which you can committee and control, rather than to achieve ceroutcomes, which you can’t

c. Take several small steps toward your dream each week. Little successes create a habit of accomplishing things you have decided to do. See Scott Young’s advice at : .

9. Look to others for guidance

a. Find role models to help you into the future. Here’s how and why: : .

Learn more about how to find a mentor here: find a mentor through youtube:

10. Learn More

a. Focus on learning all you can about the area you are passionate about. Watch a TED talk, read a blog, listen to a podcast, interview someone. For more ideas:

11. Persevere
a. Don’t give up! Read this blog about how to keep going even when it’s tough.

b. Getting any negative feedback from others who are jealous? Check out this article by blogger Cordelia Gurnett: .

12. Celebrate achievements, look to the future

a. Review the year, give yourself a pat on the back, then record your thoughts and goals going ahead.

b. For Inspiration for next year, take a look at the Holstee Manifesto:


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