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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Succeed Online

Succeed Online

Today I was reading an article and the person said something that I have been reading a lot since I have been building my online business, the person said that the money you will make and the people you help and serve is connected to your personal value.

How can a person succeed online or offline? According to the information above you must help people or serve people and build value in helping people and if they benefit you will grow your income. Do you think this is true?

Lets see how this works, when I buy something or see a movie and enjoy the movie I tell my family and friends then they go watch the movie or eat at the restaurant I recommended. I think that we must have a great mind set when starting a business. We will not always get the results we are after when we start that business, so it is important to have the right mind set that can help you continue when everyone has jumped out or have a negative review of what your doing.

#1 Mind Set- There is no reason that success can’t happen to you or me. This is a true statement if you have the right state of mind you will make things happen. Example I purchased a book I was not getting the results but as I reread the information I was not putting the information into action, so was the program not working or was I not working the program?

You have to have the ability to take action and believe in your outcome. I have been with an online business now for a year GDI (Global Domain International) and when I first stated I was getting people in left and right, then when people started dropping out I started to get discourage, but the company kept growing and somebody somewhere was working the business, I just had to keep plugging at building my business. I started to look for people like me people that wanted to make money. If a person is looking for a job that person is different from a person looking for a home business, and they hang in different forums on the internet.

In closing a person must keep a mind set that they can succeed and the commitment to post something daily or put an ad out daily or tweet or communicate about your business and watch your business grow.


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