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Monday, August 6, 2012

“How to get new leads to your Business”

Are you still excited about starting your business? I remember seeing the companies pay plan and hearing how easy the business is and how everyone needed the service. I could see the benefit in the business, but why didn’t my family and friends see the big picture?

I don’t have the answer to this, but I have learned how to get new leads to my business.

We don’t have to stop if we don’t get everyone we know in our business or get them excited about your product or service. We know we have a great product or service because it’s moving off the shelf we just need to position ourselves to benefit. How do we do this? Well we must master our minds first. We do this by sticking to our marketing plans, if you do online marketing; mix it with offline as well. How to get new leads to your business? Well there are many ways, mix the two of them so you can get a lot of results but don’t set yourself up for failure.

If you pass our fliers and only pass out ten don’t think you are going to get great results. I like to post business cards and fliers in super markets community boards. I also like to write press release and articles.

What that means is that you write your press release with certain keywords and the search engines will list that press release on the search rankings, many times in the top ten for those certain keywords.

A press release is basically an announcement or explanation of a product or service.

If you are in the health and wellness industry why not write a press release about your product and if someone reads it and feel they trust you they may click your link and try your product.

If you want to learn how to get new leads to your business go to and log on to “Building on a Budget” this is a great book that shows how to market your business.

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