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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Effective Blog and Affiliate Link Traffic Strategies

Effective Blog and Affiliate Link Traffic Strategies

Group: Web Traffic Strategies

Written by Luanne Crawford on Aug 7, 2012 3:08 am

As many of you have read, we have to be careful with Penguine and Panda updates. Traffic can come through good SEO planning in your blog posts. I like the paid plug-in, Scirbe SEO by Copyblogger, to help rate what I'm posting and to make adjustments. Its taught me a lot about on-site SEO.

Write an article for EzineArticles. Its free and a great learning platform for article writing, with its own social network of authors included. Google loves Ezinearticles, a high page ranked site. Get good at writing one article, then write another. Use Spin ReWriter, which can be used for Macs and PCs, and submit your article to other Ezines, repurpose it for a blog post, etc.

Classified advertising, link building, social media networking, forum posts, blog distribution, social bookmarking, banner ads, guest blog posting, etc, are all traffic builders. You want to have quality incoming links. Craigslist is free, and it does product traffic. Salespider is another free advertising platform, which also has paid options.

When marketing affiliate products, keep in mind that it is best to have all roads leading to your blog. So, the affiliate link can be routed through your blog using a hidden page with a url re-direct to the affiliate page - that way, all traffic is directed to the blog, then redirected to affiliate links after traffic passes through your blog.

Blog distribution can be done through RSS feeds, like Networked Blogs or Technorati. There are many others, including blog directories. Also get listed in local search and review pages, like Google Places, Yelp, etc. A good resource is

LinkedIn Groups is a great way to distribute your blog links and to generate traffic. Find the top 10 Linked Groups which are well populated above 400,000. Develop quality articles which bring value to the groups and insert the link. There are lots of facebook and twitter exchanges on LinkedIn. I Like peoples' pages, then private message them saying that I liked and commented, but then ask them to visit my blog, connect on FB & Twitter in the right side bar and to please comment and share. I tell them to let me know if I can be of service in any of their projects as well. It works. IBOToolBox is another free platform for marketers where you can place banner ads and informative click-through posts while getting to know marketers and develop associate relationships.

For social bookmarking, SocialAdr, Social Monkee, and TribePro are great, and, at you can request manual social bookmarking for $5.

Tell share with the group some of the strategies you have been using.

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