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Sunday, June 24, 2012

How To Build Your GDI Team In The Thousands - The Smart Way

Today I was reading a great post at the forum in GDI (Global domain International) by Lester Diaz. GDI fourm is a great forum to meet new people that are looking for help in their MLM.

This is a great business, it only cost $10 per month to join and you can host and build websites and get paid to introduce the business. Most people that join thinks its going to make them rich with no work, so I wanted to share this post Lester wrote.

That question is how do I build a team of hundreds or even thousands of people

in GDI that actually stay?

This is a newbie mistake I made in the beginning and I was going to write about it

my GDI affiliate blog but instead decided to put it here for everyone. You see when

I started in GDI my main goal was to sponsor as many people as I could.

Even though I was sponsoring a few per week I was also losing many of my referrals

in 2-3 months and I could not understand why, the answer is very simple I was being SELFISH

and was not thinking of helping others. My goal was to make money and that's it.

With time I learned that in order to make money in this business or any other

network marketing business you have to put others first so here are a few tips that

I hope will help you build a large team.

Why would you want a large team?

Simple the BIG money is in the residual income, the bigger your GDI downline the better.

Tip #1: Don't be selfish, if you are getting signups give them away to your team

it will motivate them and encourage them to share the GDI opportunity with others

helping them make money and as a result you will too.

Tip #2: Have a system in place that your team can follow, this is crucial

again don't be selfish if you are getting signups show your team how you are doing it and

teach them to do it as well.

Tip #3: Teach your team the importance of dedication and having a daily

marketing routine so they are always working and helping your team grow by

teaching them how to grow.

I guess my main point here is being selfish with your GDI business will not give you any results,

motivate your team and teach each member how to generate results so they can copy & paste

exactly what you are doing. Now if you are already in GDI and need a lead generation system try betterweb builders its FREE to join and the training is way I joined. Log on to our website and see if this is for you


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