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Monday, June 18, 2012

End The Struggle Today!!

MLM Network Marketing Training Tips – End the Struggle Today

Today I was reading an article by Nate Bianco, he posted about tips on internet marketing and how to have the right mind set and how to market when you don’t feel like marketing when you don’t see the results you want.

The statistics say that 97% fail to make money in network marketing. Well these MLM network marketing training tips will help you break through, and become one of the 3% who enjoy the rewards of time & financial freedom.

I started to share with people in my MLM that struggle to get leads, prospects family or friends to join them.

Tip #1 – Working Hard for Little or no Results

I put this #1 because it’s so critical that you understand that this is NOT like a job. I believe that if you know what to expect, and understand that it’s just part of the process, you will push through this barrier and be on your way to earning a lucrative income in your network marketing business.

You will work for several weeks or months for what seems like very little or no return. Don’t get discouraged, because only quitters never get to reap the rewards of the true financial and time freedom a network marketing business can provide.

So just know that each day you spend building your foundation, you may not see any noticeable results, but if you understand that this is the normal process to building a network marketing business, you will simply push through the process, and stay focused on the end result.

No matter how long it seems like it’s taking, just stay focused on your goals and take simple daily action EVERY day to achieve those goals.

Tip #2 – Stay Consistant

This goes without saying, but oddly enough I see a lot of people start a mlm network marketing business, then spend 1 hour every 5 days working towards financial freedom. Hmmm…

If you got a new job, and only came into work a couple hours a week, what do you think would happen? In the words of Donald Trump… You’re FIRED!

I understand most people have full time commitments, and it may seem hard to spend time every day on something else, but don’t use your “reason” for starting a network marketing business as your “excuse” not to make it happen.

Set aside a minimum of 1-2 hours 5 days a week, and spend that time doing volume producing activity. In other words, making calls to leads, sending emails or other advertising to expand your reach and get in front of new people, or training a new rep to duplicate.

One of my mentors used to say, “there are only two skill sets to building a network marketing business, 1. Sponsoring new people, and 2. Getting them started.”

Tip #3 – Work on Your Mindset

Mindset could easily be the #1 mlm network marketing tip. A lot of people look at the results they’re getting, and if they aren’t what they want, they immediately change their actions.

Although your actions may need changing, your actions are created by your beliefs. So if you’re not getting the results you desire, start working on your mindset.

Start by cutting out as much of the local and world news as possible. CNN (constantly negative news) typically has nothing to do with you, and focusing on the crap they report will only frustrate you.

You are the sum total of your thoughts, so what kind of life do you think you’ll have if all you’re doing is watching negative news that has nothing to do with you.

Instead, replace this negative information with positive, personal growth books and CD’s. I recommend taking at least 15 to 30 minutes a day to read a personal growth book or audio CD. First thing when you get up perfect. While you’re working out or driving in your car are two ways to fit this in without sacrificing any extra time.

Don’t skip this one though, garbage in will guarantee garbage out. You must feed your mind with positive growth stimulating thoughts in order for your bank account to grow. I like to youtube people like Anthony Robbins.

Tip #4 – Who is Infuencing you?

Be very careful who you listen to. Don’t let the friend or family member who works at McDonald’s crush your dreams. Or even the person who earns $100K per year but spends 60-80 hours at a job that keeps them from enjoying life.

I’m not putting these people down, every one that provides a helpful service is valuable to society no matter what they do. All I’m saying is NEVER take advice from ANYONE who doesn’t have what you want, PERIOD.

Staying plugged into your company and upline training is very important to your success in network marketing. It seems like common sense but I see so many people start their mlm network marketing business, set their sight on their dreams and goals, and then two weeks later some family or friend all of a sudden an expert on time and financial freedom.

So network marketing tip #4 is, love your friends and family, but when it comes to advice on achieving your dreams and goals, ONLY take advice from those who already have what you want. That just makes sense right? Robert Kiyosaki in “Rich Dad Poor Dad” says take advice for some one that has what you want.

Follow these 4 simple mlm network marketing tips, and you will start to see measurable improvements in your results. Pomote your Betterweb Builder lynk, log onto webinars and learn but more important do what you learn! Log on to our website and see if this is for you

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