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Monday, October 31, 2011



Passing On Opportunities Repeatedly

I am a professional sales consultant for a large automobile company, and I have been through a very extensive sales training in order to sale my company product. This is very valuable training to my success and the success of my fellow employees.

I have seen an increase in my sales and I know its do to my training and putting those things that I have learned into action. Today at work one of the sales consultant ask me what is poor and I thought money and or the lack of money, but this person I work with said it was the Passing On Opportunities Repeatedly! WOW my co-worker is not in a MLM business so he was speaking of mis-opportunities in our dealership. I began to think how many times have I passed up on great value someone has sent me in my email that has the potential to enrich my life.

We all can use some extra money, but I think the truth is do we trust the information we get from our source. I have found a few people that I have started to use their recommendations and now see results.

Are you POOR? Do you Pass ON Opportunities Repeatedly? If you are looking for a product we must learn the company, and its products or service. Then we can take an educated risk. As a professional sales consultant I am taught that knowledge is what should I know + Resource is where do I get information? = Expert Sales Consultant – how do I use my knowledge? Experts know where to go for answers and maintain a professional curiosity and desire to learn. I refuse to pass on opportunities any longer I now open my emails and attend webinars but most important I use what I am taught.

Thanks to all that lead with value,

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Raymond Richard

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