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Lead Generation

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Lead Generations

Are you tired of attending your company’s network meetings? Webinars? Do you like the business you are in and feel it’s a great service or product? Do you need leads high quality leads? People that are interested in what you are promoting are out there!

Here’s a few ways to find leads, read blogs that are on your subject and leave messages that can help people and they may look you up or links back to your website. Write an eBook on a specific subject. Afraid it's too hard? Perhaps it's not as bad as you fear. These days there are a lot of people who can help you with the writing and publishing tasks. A book is perhaps the crown jewel of all credibility builders. Being a published author also makes it much easier to garner speaking engagements — which also generate leads. Don't forget to give the book its own website. Consider giving away electronic versions of the book, as well.

Do a video case study, and then e-mail the link to your list. The open rates and click through on video email are usually much higher. Don't forget to use the word "video" in the subject line. Post the video on You Tube and put it on your site, as well.

I like to join forum, it’s a great place to learn and share new ideas, and I like Warriors Forum, better networkers, just to name a few. These are great places to learn new ideas and try to see if they work for you.

When we focus on the process we have to go through we don’t finish, but when we focus on the outcome it will motivate us more. Everyone wants leads, but do we do the things on a daily basis to get leads? Example: post in forums and on blogs makes YouTube etc. The mentors that get leads do this everyday that is discipline! I have found a program that helps you get leads. It has great training, it teaches marketing technique to keep your business in front of people that is looking to join your business.

The name of the company is Better Web Builder it’s a generic lead generation/Training system. One of the big advantages to Better Web Builder is that they provide some free marketing tools. You can join the system for free and immediately have lead capture pages to start driving traffic to. This is a big plus especially if you are low on your marketing budget.

A generic lead generation is good if you are in any network marketing organization and will not conflict with your business that’s way anyone came benefit from this business. I am in a MLM business I would offer my business to people that was in another business, and they were happy with their opportunity but with Better Web Builders it can help anyone in any business, from training to leads. Take a good look at how it can benefit you and add value to your business. See how it works and get started for FREE here:

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