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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Happy Birthday!!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY today I wanted to take the time to let you know I was thinking of you. We only get one life and I am glad I got to know you. Its ok to treat yourself to cake if you are on a diet. Its ok to treat yourself to that car dream car? OK I sale cars cheap plug.......Make more money click here love yourself more, watch how more people began to love you more.

Life doesn't have meaning, Only  you have meaning. It makes about  as much sense to say, "My life has no meaning." as it does to stand  in a dark cave with an unlit flashlight in your hand and say,"This place has no light." Jesus would say, "Let your light shine." Meaning is not to be found "out there" in the job, in a person, or in a relationship, meaning is something you release from within yourself. -Eric Butterworth Our vision

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