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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

15k Formula

Hello my name is Raymond Richard and I sale cars for a living, and I recently started to blog with Empower Network and I purchased the 15k Formula in hopes to grow my business and make a extra income from home.

If you are thinking about purchasing the course I know it may feel scary or uneasy just remember this program will get you closer to your goals. If you learn one thing that will help increase your business it will be worth the money you have invested. If and when you buy the course you have the right to resale this course so you can make your money back? Can you go to school and get your money back on a course you took or recommend someone take this course and get paid when they buy the course? No. Whatever university you attended will not pay you to promote there school.

We all need to have continued education, that will give us value to others and grow your business. This is that program. The first two chapters or videos has helped me so munch, one is how to have a cleat vision and plan then a few tricks on blogging to get more traffic. How to value my list. If you have not started to build a list start today.

I purchased the program and was on a high because I purchased the course, then I came down and did not touch it for two days I was disappointed with myself, then I found alittle personal power and begun to use what I was learning in the 15k Formula to push pass the discomfort.  This is a great purchase and you can read it at your on speed, it may feel nervous at first but you can do it and you will see a increase in yourself and in your income. Nike "Just DO It"

Raymond Richard
Step by Step Money Maker

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