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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Step into your Passion and Your Purpose.

Make a decision to step into your Passion and Your Purpose.
Watch this video and Listen to what makes us more than just an offer.

People are learning to take one step at a time and learn from the journey and share with others what is making them successful. My name is Raymond Richard and I am in the automotive industry and love to work with people. I am reading a book by Eric Butterworth and he says "In every attempt in life, there must be the possibility of success and failure. We must have the stability and the perspective to deal with both success and failure in spiritual poise."

Any education that prepares people only for success and not for coping with the frustration of things going wrong is sadly deficient. Click the link and learn from our past mistake so you can see what not to do. Learn from our success and continue to take those actions,


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