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Friday, July 19, 2013

5Links Review

I just wanted to share with you about a home business meeting I went to go see called 5Link. I must say they have great service to offer and pay plan was great.A very good friend ask me to review this business four years ago so when a person asked me to take a look at it I was open. Most of the time this is the way MLM ask you to introduce your business to people.
 I've been working my sales job for years and when you make a sale you have to wait for the next customer so I really like MLM companies because they get paid off the work the first time. When you make a sale with a MLM company as long as your customer uses your service you continue to get paid. Thats called residual income. I use to sale cars so if I sold a car once and got paid over the life of the loan I would be happy, would you?
The meeting was pack with people and I saw great potential in the marketing of the product and service. What I have learned is that it does not matter what the product or service is, its how you market the service or products. Most people get in a MLM or home business and only work family and friends then when that well run dry they drop out to the next business.I will say If I wanted to sale a car I would not go on a motorcycle lot. When you learn how to market you find people that want to join a home business. For example I go you home business forum and find people to join. I learned that for Stephen Pierce book.
I have found that in the last four years to model success, when I sold cars the company put you with the top sales reps and taught duplication. If I did what the top sales people did and said what he or she said  I would have the same outcome. So I took what I learned in the auto world and found a mentor and put what I learn in action online. The biggest thing I learned at the 5Link meeting was taking action.
My mentor asked me to get on Google Plus and join groups and meet people I did and my business grew this is a free marketing tip for you, I have more marketing tips you can use for your current business hit the link and I will show you how to blog about your company

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