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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I Need Customer

I Need Customers

Hello my name is Raymond I have been in MLM (Multi Level Marketing) for a few years, I also enjoy affiliate Marketing. With so many great sites out there, if you have the ability to generate traffic you have the ability to make money and grow your business. Without customers nothing happens. If you keep traffic and your product produce results you will keep your customers happy and with happy customers you keep money coming in.

I started with a company called Global Domain International (GDI) I like this company because it was FREE for 7 days and only $10 per month after you decided to stay in the company. As a representative of GDI you present website and domain registration to your potential customers and you get paid as long as they are a paying customer. I was all in for this and I started to tell all my family and friends. If you have any question about this business contact me at .

I built a nice downline, now everyone you know will not do the marketing things you will do to get traffic so people started to drop off and say the business do work. What do you do? Get more customers; find people that wanted to own their own business. Where? On the internet. I then started to read books to stay motivated, like “Rich Dad Poor Dad” Robert Kiyosaki, “Make Real Money on the internet” by Stephen Pierce, “Building On A Budget” by Mike Dillard you can YouTube all these books or even get them at your local library. You can learn all you want but you have to put it into ACTION daily.

One of the actions we most focus on is multiple ways to generate website traffic. There is no one golden way to get traffic. It’s more about having multiple ways that are efficient and effective. If you have any questions send me an email at

What are a few ways to get traffic to your sites? I will include the things I am using to get people to my websites

1. Myspace

2. Youtube

3. Blogs

4. Google plus

5. Webrings

6. Facebook

7. Links

8. Ezine ads

9. Adsense

10. Squidoo

I have more and those was all FREE sites you can email me at and request a list of marketing Ideas I use to build my business. You can go to my website and I will have links posted that can also help you build your business or just get started in a business.

Since I have been in the internet marketing business things have changed social media have changed, we have something call Tweeter, Linkin now that I use, but the main take away is to take action daily and learn then take action. My plan for today is to write an article then post it on my social media sites and my blog and email my list then hit the gym then head to work. Hope this helps email me if I can help.



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