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Friday, September 7, 2012

How to Effectively Use Video to Optimize Press Release?

How to Effectively Use Video to Optimize Press Release?


Today I was reading How I could increase my traffic on my sites, to help build by list with my internet business. Well I know a lot of internet marketers talk about building your list and etc.. but how can I build a list if I don’t get traffic? I found a site that will help you increase your traffic to your business.

Embedded video in a press release can not only enrich the content, enhance its readability, but also improve rankings on search engines.

In a survey conducted by Forbes Magazine, 75% of senior executives said that they watched work-related videos per week and another 52% related that they prefer to watch work-related videos on YouTube once a week. Many Internet savvy people who used to harvest information by reading text have learned to appreciate the importance of videos.

Advantages of video for press release

● One of the most effective ways to grab the attention of media professionals.

● Raise the visibility of your Web page on search engine results pages.

● Promote your video content while generating more website traffic for your brand.

Video SEO tips for news releases

● Include the keyword "video" next to the targeted topical/branded keywords you have.

● Keep the video short, within1-2 minutes.

● Have the video link to a landing page with a longer version.

● do not add a video just to have a video. A poorly made video will hurt you more than

help you.

These are a view ways to add traffic to your site; we must do these things every day to increase traffic. Don’t give up if you don’t see overnight results. Continue to put out press release and use a lot of the information you will learn at and you will see your traffic increase.

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