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Thursday, July 26, 2012


Trust- reliance on the integrity, strength, ability, surety, etc., of a person or thing; confidence.

How does one build trust?
What is a relationship built on?

I have found that building a relationship is hard on the internet, why? Because everyone is quick to try and take your money without winning trust. My opinion is that trust is earned and not giving. You can win my trust if your product or service is the way you say it is. Right? When I go out to eat I like my food to be warm and service to be great, and in return I pay and always tip.

In the internet business it’s good to get a mentor you can trust he or she will be able to cut your learning curve. But you as the student will have to take the action, and reaction to get the results.

When I first got started in my business my upline would call me or email me about how great the business was, then when I got in the business opportunity the information stopped. I could stop and give up but I am not a quitter. I learned that I did not want to do that to people so I built a blog and shared the things I was learning and things I wanted help on. I was hungry for information on getting better at making money on the internet.

This led me to new people and forums where people had the same problems as me or they were at a place in their business I was already at. I would share with them and they would share with me and we would share results together.

I have learned to trust the people I learn from but most important is I take the actions and then judge the results. I now like to build relationships with people by leading with truth, I use the product or service then I see if it works and I show my team and help them get results

It is truly a great thing to help people and their families maybe pay their car note or mortgage or rent. Today at work I gave a stranger information on how he could blog about a subject he like then join and become an affiliate and sale someone else product on his blog until he comes out with his own product.

What does all this mean? I just want to build trust with you and if you take the action I suggest I want you to have the same results I am having. I use free stuff, but we have to buy some things in this internet business also. I brought a great book that helps me with my business it was only $29 it was a great investment. This person built trust with me, I have gone out and put into action what the book said do and I see small results. But I have taken small steps just think if I took bigger ones.

I am not a writer you can tell I just was excited today at work when I checked my inbox and see another person joining my team. I want you to get the same results, if I can be of any assistance please let me know.

Today I recommend two products one called Betterweb Builder and the other is the book “Building On A Budget” I have seen good results with my primary business. I will include the links for you to discover for yourself and find truth.

1.”Building On A Budget”

2. Betterwebbuilders

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