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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Learning Leads To Action

Today I am sharpening my skills at internet marketing. I was reading today and I came across a quote that said “Learning Leads to Action” and I thought about when I was in grade school and learned “Stop Drop and Roll” To me this was funny when will I ever use this, I will never catch on fire this don’t happen to me. Well this is a technique, you use when your clothes is on fire, but this came to my mind, that if you don’t use this technique, you may burn or the fire will stay on you longer then if you use it. We are giving a choice to use what we know (Learn) or keep doing what we perceive is working. Today I have a choice to quit running around with fire on me and not getting the results with internet marketing or I can stop drop and role this is Learn want is working and find a mentor that can teach what they have learned. This must work because someone has learned the mistakes I’m making the hard way. I will give it a try, that means listening to my mentors then trying what they suggest.

With so much information out on the net and everyone is a millionaire and have done the impossible, how do we choose a product or person that seems to work? I know that success leaves clues! I will look for the mentor that has a consistent record of following up with me, a person that keep you informed with training, a mentor you can call with problems, a person that has a blog with informed information on it and up to date.

I like a mentor I can relate to, and that seems down to earth! I like a lot of the internet gurus, and I have read the books of some. Great information, but I can’t call them to get information on ideas if it doesn’t work or maybe I didn’t follow the instruction well! I like a mentor that is accessible and remember his or her first check.

I have learned that you must be discipline in internet marketing or any business you choose to do. That mean if you have email to send out you must get that done if you are into article marketing and that is on your list to due it must get done! When I first started internet marketing I was trying every new idea that I learned and slowly became overwhelmed with information, and begin to talk myself out of work. It is truly the things we tell ourselves. When we focus on the process we have to go through we don’t finish, but when we focus on the outcome it will motivate us more. Everyone want leads, but do we do the things on a daily basis to get leads? Example: post in forums and on blogs make a youtube etc. The mentors that get leads do this everyday, that is discipline! I have found a program that helps you get leads with great training , it teaches marketing technique to keep your business in front of people that is looking for a business. See how it works and get started for FREE here:

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