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Friday, June 3, 2011

Tim Sebert/ Global Domain International

The Tim Sebert GDI success formula is simply treating GDI as a business, not a hobby. If you go buy a burger and fries meal and it cost less than $10 will the people at the counter still treat you right even though you only spent $10. When you treat your home business like a business you do what it takes to make a profit. Pass out fliers in your community, post ads in Craigslist pass out business cards.

Tim has been able to achieve unbelievable success in this business because he really treats it like a business and devotes time and effort into it. Besides treating it like a business he is very consistent with promoting the business on a daily basis. It is going to be important for you to dedicate time and money into promoting GDI so that you will start seeing results just like Tim is able to see.

I think the biggest thing that you must remember is you must take action everyday. Do the things you learn everyday, make you a Youtube of your business, study the marketing you want to learn then do it!! Once you are able to stop treating it like a hobby and are serious about becoming successful then you will start seeing the desirable results that you want. The formula is really that simple and it is what he follows on a consistent basis in order to be successful in this business.

You have the opportunity to make things happen but it is up to you to take the steps necessary to accomplishing all the goals that you desire to accomplish. I have started a blog and would like emails of problems or concerns that you are having along your journey and if you would please come to my site so I can help you.

According to Tim, him and his wife started of broke when they started GDI, and the $10 monthly fee was money they had to borrow! Now his story is a great story and we all have a story help yourself by starting a home business with Global Domain International because if Tim and his wife can do it we all can make it happen. Start GDI today at


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