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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Ok Newbie Whats Next?

Ok you have started a new business whatever it is you have taken action, Good job? Congradulations on taken actions now we need people to look at our sites. How do you do that? I am learning that myself.

What I like to use since my budget is low is called free internet marketing. You can hit "Free internet Marketing" on Goggle and then read through the tons of information, but I would like to save you some time by sharing what is working for me. I like to post in forums or classified ads like or example: I go to the city I want to advertise in and then I put "Lost your job need a new Career learn to work for yourself" then I put my website There are alot of forum out on the net and many more Free classified so you have enough work for years to come, but the thing is well you committe to doing the post everyday.

In closeing I hope this helps, I truely post everyday, because its Free and I know its time comsuming but it is worth reaching my goals.

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